Industry Contribution

Industry and Community Liaison

A writer in Linux foundation white paper on ONAP consumption models

A writer in ETSI  on Orchestrating 5G,Edge and Containerized Applications in Production

A writer in ETSI OSM white paper on OSM integration in production environment

A writer in Linux foundation white paper on Cloud native thinking for Telecommunications

Conference speaker in U.S Network Transformation summit 2019 San Jose U.S /Layer123

Conference speaker in OSM#7 April 2019 organized by ETSI and Hackathon for  Network slicing

A writer of ETSI OSM Integration in Production networks

A writer on ETSI OSM VNF onboarding guidelines

A writer contributor on net manias

  A contributor/Writer for PMI-USA Business Analysis standard 2017

  A contributor/Writer for ETSI NFV /ETSI many Industry papers in 2018

  A Contributor in Openstack / OPNFV /Jenkins/ CNCF

  2017-2018 Selected by Huawei global to be voice of Huawei for digital domains of NFV, SDN, Cloud, and Telco DevOps

  100+ cases/reports for Telco Services  and  20+ Projects Case studies published on Huawei knowledge shared platforms

  500+ blogs published and ranked as Huawei top 300 writers

  Conference Paper on Driving Telco towards All IP NGN services in competitive markets NGN Asia 09 Bangkok

  Conference paper on NGN Evolution and Market dynamics for Telco and Enterprise market, ICEET 2014 Pakistan

  Conference paper NFV & SDN use Cases. Hype vs. reality, LTE MENA 2015

  Designed SIP AS using Java offering complete SIP hosting on internet

  MBA Paper “Towards the Business–IT technology Alignment in Cloud  and NFV environment” declared best MBA paper of MBA session 2014-2016 and published on University business research website

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